Ice fishing is fun!

Ice fishing is fun!

Ice fishing is one of the Finnish favorite hobbies at the winter time.

In Finland the winter time is long and there’s a lot of lakes and a long cost where the ice fishing can be done.

Basic equipments needed for ice fishing are ice fishing rod with a jig, ice drill, a box where to sit and save the catched fishes.

Ice fishing can be done alone or with others. You will need to dress warmly because often there’s cold and windy on the ice. It is much more comfortable, if it is not feeling cold. Spring times when the sun is shining it’s much more warmer then.

Initially, a hole is made in the ice with a ice drill where the fishing takes a place. Fishing does not require permission, but is a right for everybody. In addition to being fun, it is also useful. Almost all of the fishes are eatable.

Fish can be used to make different dishes. My favorite is creamy fish soup. Warm soup tastes good after outdoor activities.



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