Ice swimming

When you start a new hobby like ice swimming, your probably have heared from your friends how great it is or you read about it. Ice swiming is good for your health and  and peopele who like it tell that it eases pains in you body.  They also say thatit is better to start this hobby in autum so you get used to gold watter before it`s colder.  This time of the year there is  150.000 ice swimmwers.Especially young people are interested in ice swiming.



Ice swimming is good to star  early in autum, then it is easier to go gold watter.  Usually  you go to warm Sauna before swimming. It is important go to Sauna also after swiming. You must wear a hat on your head when is freezing and wera sneakers or slippers on you feet.

There is also chance to do dipping yourself in cold public indoor swimmingpool which is almost the same thing as ice swimming but without the ice =). Using this cold pool is more possible to people who don´thave chance to go to ice swimming. But it`s more overall experience to go in middle of nature. This pleasant hobby is possible becauseof the Finnish nature and winter season.






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