Land of a Thousand lakes

The summer in Finland is a breathtaking time year after year and I wouldn’t rather spend it anywhere else.  Especially this year, when the weather has been great almost whole summer.





Finland is a full of lakes with a beautiful clear water and next to them there are small villages that awaken at the beginning of the summer. Outdoor activities in sparsely populated Finland are endless and I will definitely miss it while living in a large city abroad. Finns, at least I, spend the summer near the lakes in the countryside as much as possible and enjoy domestic dishes, vegetables, local fish and new potatoes.

This summer I spent in Finland’s capital, Helsinki, which is far larger city than where I previously lived and I learned to appreciate nature even more. On the other hand, thanks to the unique seaside of Helsinki, I enjoyed it very well and I understand why so many tourists want to visit Finland in the summer.

One thing I definitely want to mention, when I write about Finland and Finnish people, is the fact how pedants people are here. That perfectly concretized when Finland was able to hold a one of the biggest political event in 2018. During the summer, a summit between two major leaders was held in Helsinki. I was truly impressed with the Finnish polices arrangements that I managed to follow when I lived in the heart of a downtown.

Finland received the honorable mention of good arrangements and security during that summit, and that is something that all Finns should be proud of!



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