Learning from Finnishness

Since moving to Finland in 2015 I have had the pleasure to get to know many interesting facets and faces of this strange country.


One of the things I learned a lot about, especially as a German, is the Finnish way to national pride. Finnish national pride has many layers and is usually only vaguely connected to the countries political history. In my personal experience it expresses itself more often through simple things like food or traditions, such as sauna or spending vacation at a summer house, that are shared with a certain pride and joy. Traditional foods  can include blueberries, liquorice, fish, mämmi or even the Thursday pea soup.

100 flags for the 100th anniversary of Finnish independance



The Finnish language will stay a mystery to everyone who is not willing to take time of the day and learn. Even after a couple years you will manage to understand some things here and there but do not expect this ancient language is one to master easily for a foreigner.

A warning.



Finland is a country of honest and straight forward character. While usually anyone will try to be helpful and polite, do not expect people to sugarcoat their words. Going out with people on the weekends is a great way to break the ice a little bit and get closer to small talk and a more relaxed atmosphere.

So all in all there are many things that make up Finnish character but it is recommended to go and see for yourself.


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