My dear home country

Like almost everyone else here, I’m going to write about nature and silence. I have noticed that our nature is really important for me. Especially when I have grown up. I live in a big city with lots of traffic and people. My parents are both from countryside so I have spent some time there as well. Our grandma lives in countryside and my family visit her weekly. The silence in countryside is amazing. The air feels better and you can see the stars perfectly. That is something I don’t experience in big city.

Sometimes when I visit my grandma I just go outside and listen. I can hear the birds, the wind and other sounds from the nature. It is very lovely. It’s amazing how wonderful silence can be. Somehow I connect Finnishness and silence. In Finland we have a lot of countryside and little villages. We don’t have many big cities. And actually our biggest cities are quite small. Anyway, all those small villages are so adorable, tiny and silent. When I visit my grandma and we go to the “city center” there is just a few people. I somehow love those small villages and towns and for me it’s very important to get out of the big city I live in. When I go to countryside I forgot all the stress and work I should do.

Almost everyone in Finland have a summer cottage where they spend their summers. Usually these cottages are far away from the cities in the middle of the forest and by lake. I believe all Finns love their cottages. It’s a place for relaxing. For almost every Finn nature and silence is very important and that is one reason why we have so many cottages. Sometimes you just need to get out of the city and hear the silence and nature. And if you are lucky, you don’t have any neighbors near and you don’t have to speak with anyone. It’s just you and the silence.



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