"My Experiences of Finnishness"

MÄMMI ”Mämmi” is the finnish easter dessert which is made of water, rye flour, powdered rye, seasoned salt and dried powdered seville orange chest. It looks like a dark brown goo and it doesn’t really smell anything at all. It does not sound delicious, but many many finnish people eats it a LOT on easter. Usually people either LOVE it or HATE it, it’s not common to like it a little. This is why I chose to write about mämmi, mämmi gives finnish people opinions. It is very typical that finnish people don’t have so many strong opinions. Usually answer is to everything; ”whatever”, ”it’s Ok”, ”as you wish”, and others answers as boring as that. When you say ”mämmi” out loud on the conversation i bet you gonna hear immediately either ”Yum! Love it, wish i had mämmi now.” or ”Yak! I hate that mush.”

ICE HOCKEY Ice hockey is a national sport in finland. I think it is the most watched sport in finland and finnish ice hockey team is really good and known worldwide. Winning a ice hockey game is important to finnish people but even more important is to NOT loose to sweden. It has always been the main rule ”We can not loose to sweden”. I think it is more like a joke.

SAUNA Almost every finnish people house have a sauna. Sauna is the place to relax, drink beer or ”hangout” with friends. In generally people think that finnish people are not that social and that they are shy folk. For example finnish people never sit next to someone on the bus if there is a empty line on seats available. But the only place where this not apply is sauna. In sauna you sit butnaked on line and it is okay but when you have to wait a bus or something like that you always have to have your own personal space.


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