My experiences of Finnishness

Summer cottage

In Finland there are over half million summer cottages. Summer cottage is place where Finnish people want to spent their summer holidays and weekends. Most of summer cottages are located near lakes. Usually Finns swim, boating and fishing on their summer cottages.


Summer cottage is also place where Finns want to relax.  Almost every summer cottage has sauna that is the best place to relax and clean yourself. In Finland there are almost 3.5 million saunas and 5.5 million people.  So Finland is number one country of the world when comparing number of saunas per population. Sauna is heat up to 70-80 degrees with “kiuas” which works by electricity or wood.




Finland is the land of thousand lakes because there are 188 00 lakes here. About 10 % of Finland area is waters and over 70 % is forests. There is everyman´s rights in Finland so everyone is basically  entitled to walk, ski, cycle or ride freely in natural areas as long as this causes no damage or no more than minor harm to property or nature.

Nuori koivu-mänty-sekametsä, ikä 25-30 vuotta. Alla kasvaa kuusia ja saniaisia.

One of the most beautiful place in Finland is Lapland.  Lapland is the cleanest corner of Europe and it is located in northern  Finland. Lapland has been proven to have the purest air and the cleanest wild food such as reindeer, game, fish, berries and mushrooms. You can see also northern lights there if you have luck.  Northern light is a natural light display in the sky predominantly seen in the high latitude regions.




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