My Finland

find the nature of Finland indescribably beautiful and diverse. Probably the best part is that it is always easily accessibleeven if you live in a city.  

However, in Finland nature is not only as pretty as a picturebut it can also be quite harsh. Winter is long, cold and dark – it is truly the season when everyone feels exhausted.    But maybe just because of that the arrival of spring and summer always feels so pleasant. In summer, the Finns truly snap out of the lethargy, as major music festivals lure people out to have fun and enjoy life. We also celebrate Midsummer Day, which takes place in the middle of summer as its name suggestsTraditionally we spend the day with our friends at a cottageamidst nature and stay up until the following morning.


Nevertheless, it is also true that we Finns like our solitude. We need our own spaceYou can witness this while waiting the bus and even on it. On the bus you are not supposed to sit next to someone you don’t knowif there are other free places availableWhile waiting the busyou are supposed to stand approximately one meter away from the other person. Behavior other than above is perceived as strange and maybe even distressing.

All in all, Finland is a safe and wonderful place to live, even though the darkness during winter may feel live, insufferable at first and people behave in a peculiar way at the bus stop.


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