Small land of equality and opportunities

I was raised in a small Finnish town in Satakunta. A town of 7000 people where every young person knows each other. We had quite nice time living there. Our school was quite small but everyone in there had big dreams. Nowadays I live in a bigger city of Tampere. Some people around me share the same background as me. Most of my classmates are from different cities and different families and have all their own stories.  Still all of us have the same opportunity of achieving something in life.

The fact that education is available for everyone and for free is something I am very proud of as a Finnish person. You don’t need to have rich parents or work night shifts on the side to go to a good university. Everything is possible if you work for what you want.

I liked living in a small rural town. I could go swimming in a river in our backyard. Even if you managed to swallow some of the water while swimming you wouldn’t get sick. Being surrounded by fields and forests make it a beautiful place.

In the summer all the small towns come back to life. Having months of not so good weather really makes the summer feel so much better when it finally arrives.  In my hometown Kokemäki there are several different events held in the summertime. My favorite is the annual VastavirtaRock festival. It is a free music festival for all to see. The festival is funded fully by donations and there have been some great indie performers in the past years. Another good event is the Riverside Kustom day – a classic car and motorcycle meet held by a local motorist group. People around the region gather to see cool cars and rock bands play. Those kind of events are definately the best time to live in Finland.




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