Things about Finnishness

There are so many things in Finnishness that are important to me. I try to name few of the most important ones here.


Nature is very important to me and in Finland it’s very beautiful. At least most of the time. We have fours seasons and all of them have their own amazing parts. Spring is probably my favorite, because of all the light and colors that come up after the long and dark winter. For a person who loves a little peace and quiet sometimes, a Finnish forest is a perfect place to go for a walk and relax a little. Many Finnish people spend a lot if time in nature. For example they have summer cottages in beautiful places.






Sauna is this super warm room that has banches to sit on and sauna stove that gives the heat to the room. People spend time there to relax and clean themselves. When I spend a lot of time abroad I always start to miss sauna. Many Finns have sauna at their own house.



Finnish coffee is very good. Most famous Finnish coffee brand is Paulig, and it has many different coffee tastes. If I go abroad for a long period of time I usually take some Finnish coffee with me.


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