Thoughts about Finland?

Three things come to mind when you start thinking “what I consider as Finnish?” First and foremost, northern nature. Nature has always been a big part of Finland and Finnishness, it provided for our ancestors and still does to this date! Second thing, this one is only in Finland as far as I know, that comes to mind is Sisu. It is an attitude, a way of living and doing things, and in my books, one the most Finnish things there is. And last but not least is of course Sauna. It is strange how important sauna is for Finnish people, but history plays a big part in this too. Sauna was and is the place to relax, when massagers used to go from door to door, the treatment was done in the sauna. People gave birth in saunas as well!

As I have been travelling, I have noticed that I appreciate Finland in certain things more and more as the years go by. These three things are equality, education and solidarity. Finland is a model country when gender equality is concerned, we have one the most sophisticated schooling systems, and every one is given the opportunity to use their potential to full. I mean, I call Finland a safe haven for a reason.


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