Top 3 Finnish brands


Marimekko is a Finnish design brand founded by Armi Ratia in 1951. Marimekko is known for graphic and colorful prints for clothes and other textiles. The most known design is simple striped print called “Tasaraita”. The brand is respected amongst Finnish people and you can see people wearing it and decorating their homes with it all the time. After all these years it is still very trendy and valued.



Fazer is a major company in Finnish food industry which includes sweets, bakery products, restaurants and cafes. It is founded and named by Karl Fazer in 1891 when he opened a French-Russian styled confectionery in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Their most known product is Fazer Blue which is milk chocolate wrapped in blue paper. Fazer symbolizes Finnish quality and taste. It is a great souvenir to bring from Finland.



Artek is a traditional Finnish furniture company. One of the founders was Alvar Aalto, who is well known and respected architect and designer in Finland. Other founders were Alvar’s wife Aino Aalto, visual arts promoter Maire Gullichsen and art historian Nils-Gustav Hahl and it was founded in 1935. For Finnish people Artek is a timeless classic. It is quite expensive brand so having Artek’s furniture in your home shows good taste in design and quality. Most iconic product is a simple and practical wooden stool.


All these brands have in common simple but timeless style. Classics work through time and that is what makes those brands traditional and valued from generation to generation in Finland.


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