Language Skill Level Tests for New TAMK Students

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Starting from 1.1.2021, the language skill level tests for new TAMK students change.

All students starting their degree studies at TAMK take starting level tests in English and Swedish regardless of their previous studies (excluding students who are applying for exemption from English or Swedish). The tests are taken right at the beginning of the studies, and they can be taken only once. The tests are in TUNI Moodle, and the student can take them independently anywhere and anytime. It is forbidden to use any help when taking the tests, and it is not sensible either, as then the result will be useless for the student.

The tests will give the student information about his/her skill level and a recommendation on how to proceed. If a preparatory course is recommended for the student, it should be taken before the mandatory professional language course. It is also possible to take a preliminary course even if the tests don’t recommend it. Hence, the test results are not binding, but instead designed to give the student valuable information regarding how to proceed in his/her studies. The tests will not be included in the transcript of records nor can they be accredited. The test instructions are in Finnish.

Skill level tests

• English, key english

• Swedish, key svenska

Preparatory language studies

• A list of preparatory language studies


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