Whopping selection of language and communication summer courses at reborn CampusOnline.fi

No plans for summer yet? Missing some credits? Are you in a hurry to graduate? Do you want to study while travelling? Go and check out what the whole new CampusOnline.fi offers to you in summer 2020!

The course selection for spring 2020 will be released on early March. The enrolment period opens on 16 March at 8am. NB! The enrolment period may vary between different courses, so go and check the course description for more detailed information on the enrolment date. In addition, there are also non-stop courses available year-round and across semesters.

Make sure at your home university of applied sciences that the courses are suitable for your degree. Please discuss this with your tutor teacher or study guidance counsellor before enrolling on the course, and find out whether the course suits your degree.

With CampusOnline, you can select courses from another university of applied sciences free of charge and include these studies in your degree. CampusOnline.fi makes it possible for you to study courses 100% online: simply enrol on courses provided by different universities of applied sciences and complete courses conveniently regardless of time and place – wherever best suits you.

Here you can find all the CampusOnline-courses. (https://campusonline.fi/)

TAMK students enroll to TAMK courses by PAKKI.


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