Lecture series “Mindset Changers”: Saara Kankaanrinta, April 24, 14–16

We are happy to announce that the last lecture in the lecture series “Mindset Changers” with Saara Kankaanrinta on leadership and sustainability will be held online on April 24th via Zoom: https://tuni.zoom.us/j/474345761.


Saara Kankaanrinta is an environmental influencer with many tools: she is Chair and Co-Founder of Baltic Sea Action Group, Carbon Action platform and Co-Founder of Soilfood Ltd and Q Power Ltd. She is a board member of Sulapac Ltd. Kankaanrinta also owns the oldest manor of Finland, Qvidja Research Farm, together with her husband. She is a member of several global eco-networks.
Check out Saara Kankaanrinta’s work:
Baltic Sea Action Group – https://www.bsag.fi/en/front-page/
Carbon Action platform – https://carbonaction.org/front-page/
Co-Founder of Soilfood Ltd – https://soilfood.fi/
Q Power Ltd – https://www.qpower.fi/
Sulapac Ltd – https://www.sulapac.com/
Qvidja Research Farm – https://www.qvidja.fi/
The LFC lectures bring together skillful leaders with experience in dealing with change. The lectures explore what kind of knowledge and expertise is needed to explain and understand complex phenomena, become a visionary leader, and to change the world.
The lecture is open to the public and held in Zoom! The event is hosted by students in LFC Master’s programme.
WHAT: Saara Kankaanrinta’s lecture on leadership and sustainable change
WHERE: Online! Zoom link: https://tuni.zoom.us/j/474345761
WHEN: 24th of April 2020 at 14-16 o’clock


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