Courses added to the LFC European and Global Politics track studies

Students in the European and Global Politics track of the LFC programme can include the following courses in their compulsory track studies (25 ECTS) during the academic year 2019–2020.

Follow the teaching schedule for possible changes and make sure the courses that you choose do not conflict with any of the compulsory courses. After you have taken a course, make sure it is registered with the right code (i.e. POLKVS31, POLKVS32 or POLVOA31). You may also collect more than 25 ECTS, in which case extra credits can be included in elective studies.

Module on European Integration and Disintegration (POLKVS32)
Collect min. 5 ECTS

Europe’s Wicked Policy Problems (5 ECTS)
Prof Pami Aalto

The EU, Russia and Shared Neighbourhood – Relations after the Ukraine Crisis (5 ECTS)
Dr. Marco Siddi

Module on Changing World Politics (POLKVS31)
Collect min. 5 ECTS

Advanced Introduction to International Political Economy (5 ECTS)
Dr Anni Kangas et al.

Securitization Theory and Its Critics (5 ECTS)
Prof (acting) Juha Vuori

Technology, materiality and visuality in conflicts (5 ECTS)
Dr. Gitte du Plessis

Gender, War and Peace-Building (5 ECTS)
Dr. Catia Confortini

Environmental conflicts and their resolution (5 ECTS)
Prof. Tarja Väyrynen

Political Institutions and Leadership (POLVOA31)
Collect min. 5 ECTS

Agenda-setting in public policy (5 ECTS)
Dr. Corentin Poyet

Mitä on demokratia? (in Finnish) (5 ECTS)
Prof. Kaisa Herne


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