Mind-maps: sustainability, corporate sustainability and CSR

First-year LFC students were asked to draw mind-maps based on a lecture by Dr. Anna Heikkinen and a set of assigned readings to understand how the concepts of sustainability, corporate sustainability and CSR (corporate social responsibility) are defined, what the differences of these concepts are and to what other concepts they are related. Mind-maps are a good tool to help with conceptual clarity and to discover connections between the concepts. Drawing them may also be useful when trying to focus on listening to a lecture — especially in the current on-line settings. Here, we are publishing several examples of LFC students’ creations, both hand-drawn as well as compiled on computer.

Hyeseong Kim

Mika Langel

Adéla Nováková

Isabel Rangel Pinzon

Robert Stewart

Tuukka Tulosmaa

Bianca Diniz Salvatori

Daniel Weiler


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