Anni Marttinen & Martti Peuransalo

Spa and sport center RESURFACE is easy to enter. It contains stage for exercise, relaxation and enlightenment providing wellbeing in the middle of everyday life. It helps you to forget your worries and reach pervasive wellbeing.

The concept RESURFACE encourages to feel and focus on the essentials of life. Physical, mental and especially social aspects of life are in the core of our design. Many parts of the center are open to all without admission. People can take over the place by being in, on, under and in between the building.

The two building masses are relatively simple. The special places between Sport and Spa are natural locations for entrance and enjoyment. Tilted roofs and altering facades create diverse and interesting spaces inside and outside of the building.

Positioning the building partly on top of the water enables great panoramic views from the building to the city, Pyhäjärvi and Pyynikki. The positioning also makes the continuity of the green corridor by the lake possible. Square Garden between the building and the square enable large open multipurpose outdoor space by the canal.

Net floor area in Spa building is 2 550 m² (gross 2 900 m²) and in Sport center 3 500 m² (gross 4 300 m²). Total area is 6 050 m² (gross 7 200 m²). Addition to that there are large terraces and usable roofs. Large technical spaces for water filtering below pools are not included in the numbers.