Student Project for Emerging Media: Galaxi Gorilla AR Concept and Demo for YLE

For the Emerging Media Project 1&2 courses, commissioned by TAMK, we were challenged by Yle Galaxi to create an AR version of their Gorilla.

gorilla team

For this project, we worked in an international team of six. Two Finns, 2 Dutch, 1 Belgian and 1 French person.

The first step was getting to know each other at the 6th of September. It`s important to get to know your team members, because we were a team of different nationalities and cultures. What were the strengths from everyone and what did everyone want to learn?

The Gorilla itself

Next, we decided to schedule a meeting with Galaxi. We talked about the project and introduced ourselves. After the first meeting, we started the benchmarking process. Our task for this project was to create an idea where their Gorilla could be used in AR instead of someone who is in the suit itself. We created this idea: An interactive AR tour for children through the backstage area of Yle where they have to find the stuff from the Gorilla. Once the kids had found these things, the 3D Gorilla would disappear in AR.

Making of the Gorilla AR demo

At this point we were super excited to pitch our idea to Galaxi. We agreed with Galaxi to create a demo version of the tour where we would implement the 3D gorilla. We also used the Arilyn app to scan objects that were lost by the Gorilla. When this was all done, we had our final pitch for Galaxi Gorilla. They were super enthusiastic about our idea and wanted to continue developing this idea.

Making of the Gorilla AR demo Making of the Gorilla AR demo

We really enjoyed working on this project, and Tuomo Tarkiainen of the YLE was especially helpful in guiding us along. Hopefully when you read this blog post, it will give you a clear view of our international workflow. As a team we can definitely say that we worked together really well and learned a lot during this process at TAMK.

Text and photos: Charlotte de Beukelaer 2019

Editor of the post: CF