New doctoral programme DPHAT

New doctoral programme starts in August


A new Doctoral Programme of Humans and Technologies (DPHAT) starts 1 August 2021. Some of the students in former Doctoral programme for Information studies and interactive media are changing their programme to this new. Regarding our FIRE group – this concerns all our active doctoral researchers.

Humans and technologies doctoral programme is a multidisciplinary doctoral training programme entailing the relationships of human and technology through various types of mixed- and multimethod research. Research fields include, e.g. information studies, sociology and psychology, and computing sciences and combinations of these in varying applications and research settings.


This focus on relatioships between human and technologies fits very well to FIRE research topics and research profile. In recent research, we have approached information searching, retrieval and utilization from the viewpoint of human activity. One of the applied theoretical frameworks has been the task-based information interaction evaluation model (Järvelin et al. 2019). This have been utilized e.g. by doctoral researcher Laura Korkeamäki (2019) in her research about history scholars’ information interaction. We are looking forward to more of the kind, including other kinds of research focusing on topics touching upon technologies, information and humans.  Interested? Welcome!  More information about the doctoral programme:



Järvelin, K., Vakkari, P., Arvola, P., Baskaya, F., Järvelin, A., Kekäläinen, J., … & Sormunen, E. (2015). Task-based information interaction evaluation: The viewpoint of program theory. ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS), 33(1), 1-30.


Korkeamäki, L., & Kumpulainen, S. (2019, March). Interacting with digital documents: A real life study of historians’ task processes, actions and goals. In Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval (pp. 35-43).



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