Small steps to more sustainable fashion

I am pretty interested in the way I dress and what clothes I wear maybe even a bit too much. And since it’s a thing that is affecting me quite a lot it is an interesting thing to me usually. In the responsibility and ethics course, we had a brilliant guest from Eetti Ry. And we had a topic about fashion brands and their sustainability and responsibility. Maybe the best point was when Maija asked me: What is your favorite clothing brand Veikko? I answered: Peak Performance. Maija asked: Can you find information about their sustainability. I searched and found something but nothing really that would have ensured that they really are a responsible company. Maija said that message them then. It made me realize about taking the action. Of course, big organization will not change from one message but at least it´s something. After this class, I´ve been more aware of my clothing consumption and realized few things: That I might have been more responsible consuming than I´ve even thought because I buy quality clothes and have few of them but I don’t buy clothes that often and I try to keep my clothes in good shape in long as possible this way I´m avoiding unnecessary usage of clothing and make the most use of the clothes I already own. Most of the big brands won’t sometimes even fit the top:50 sustainable clothing brands pages witch makes me like more about brands like Patagonia because although it is a big company already it continues the sustainable and responsible way of doing clothes and keeps finding new innovations to make their clothes even better. Also, one thing that I´ve always been aware of but now, even more, is the way I wash my clothes and with what I wash my clothes there´s a lot of differences for example in the detergents if you take just a little look what detergent you use you can find quickly a lot more greener solution to it. Also, you should also probably use the machine less than you are now using. Using the machine is consuming energy and water and also your clothes so you can use the cloth for approx. 5-10 times before it has to be cleaned of course this does not include your underwear and socks. One thing that I have to probably improve the most is the usage of second-hand clothes because I have nothing second-hand. These changes are changes in your habits and usually, the changes in your habits have big effects in the long term so with just thinking about these few small things you can already make a slight difference in your environment and maybe you can aspire also other people around you too.


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