Do you think it is very difficult to find a place to organize an event?

party event management.

thinking of having a party? I will explain you step by step how to organize any event, you just have to follow these simple steps.

Do you think it is very difficult to find a place to organize an event? 


Well, it is easier than what you would spec, have organized many events during my life in Finland, especially in Helsinki. 

Well, the first times will be a little difficult but with time and practice you will get better, I will share some of my tips on how to find the right place for you, maybe you need to think about what kind of event you want to organize? a private event, birthday party, party event, or a cultural event. 


Private event 

If you are planning to organize a birthday party, wedding, or a simple reunion, there are plenty of places in Helsinki where you can organize them, only you need to contact them and ask if they are available on the dates, you’re planning to have your event. (small tip can save you some extra more; you can ask if the price is negotiable? You will get surprised at how many places they can low the prices just to get the deal close!)  


For this kind of event probably you need to hire catering service because maybe you can´t do everything for yourselfare many catering services out there, but how to find the right one? 

And some of them are ridiculously expensive, but I recommend you remember that party where the catering had excellent customer services, and star to ask who hiring them, this will help´s you a lot and possibly save a lot of money too because you have already experienced how they work. In case you have a problem with finding one, I will leave a shortlist with the catering companies I used to work with because I’ll guarantee they’re good ones with reasonable prices. 


Helmi Catering  

Keikaus Catering 

Lasipalaptsi Catering  

Soupster Catering 


Party event  

This is the funnybut even more stressful one, first define what kind of event you want to organize, how many people are coming, what is the theme, are you planning to have a dj or a band maybe? 

After yodecide what kind of party you want to organize, find every single person you want to have at your party. (DJs, band, catering) 


When you know what kind of an event you want to have, you need to find a venue, to find the right one, this depends on the amount of people, and how far away from the center ishow is the transpiration connections? when you find the place book it and make sure the DJs and the band can go there. 


This next tip can be very helpful for you, if the venue has bar facilities, talk with the manager, and said you can help sell some of his product in advance, try to analyze what they are selling more in that bar and what they´re not selling as much, and make marketing campaign about those items, If you want to give your customer a drink included on their ticket, ask the manager for a lower price and maybe you’ll buy the beer for your customer by making a deal with the bar. As an example, the price of beer is 4€ and the deal you could make would be that you pay half of the price and the bar pays the other half. This way the bar has already sold a beer, so they win eventually. 


Make all the possible marketing and be sure the people know about your party. 


As a conclusion organize an event is about organization, thinkingthinking, and thinking, If you are planning to make a party events for a living, make sure to check my next blog post, where I’ll show you how to have a strong brand and why you need followers. 


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