The power of working together

In the working environment where we are working it's important to have a team that can embrace the power of ideas of every individual in the group.

’Its studied that making ideas in a group is lot more efficient than putting many individuals making their own ideas. Again team work is the key! There are many different tools to use when trying to get ideas in a group one tool that I’m the most familiar with is brainstorming.

Brainstorming is a process where the group defines a mission and works together towards the conclusion. using for example notes or white board writing down the things we come up helps to remember and maybe helps every one to find the red string to the solution.  In this the 3 most important things are: Creating a safe space for everyone to share their ideas without feeling oppressed, Having a clear goal and making sure everyone understands it and also having a good environment to create ideas like no rush or no other small tasks interrupting in the backround so everyone can focus on the goal properly.

When creating ideas in group it creates stronger connections inside the company and that way makes the spirit inside the company better when you can create healthy supportive team working inside your company the employees will fell lot more energised and motivated also the working is more activating when you cn work together towards your common goal. When the companies things are working inside you are going to out work everyone else around you!


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