10th meeting – Lunch and drinking Beer

Irish, German - Lunch and drinking Beer

For our tenth and last meeting, we met with a few other exchange students for lunch in a canteen in the center. Afterwards the three of us got some beer from the market hall. A few days before, I found my favorite beer from Munich there and really wanted to show it to them. After I told the cashier that I was from Munich, she even gave us a discount for it.

With the beer we sat down on a wall in a small harbor in the city center and enjoyed the sun. We talked about tattoos because Martin has some and I wanted to take one here in Finland. Martin told me that he also got the idea for his tattoo from a sports teacher from his first Erasmus exchange.

Furthermore, we talked about our friendships and relationships during the semester abroad. We had a nice time and interesting conversations

I am very happy that Martin and Joe have been assigned to me as Each one Teach one partners and I think I have made two very good friends for life here.  And of course, I learned a lot from them.


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