Final Meeting: Hike


On our final meeting we took a hike to also see some of the Finnish nature. We hiked to a fireplace and ate some sausages, a typical Finnish activity.

During the hike, we taught each other some vocabulary in relation to nature. We talked about animals, hiking and just nature in general. We also talked about the safety of Finnish forests and dangerous animals. I also learned that there is a poisonous snake in Finland, which surprised me.

When we arrived at the lake and the fireplace there were already some Finnish people who let us join. My sausage fell immediately in the fire, so I don’t think barbeque is for me but it was still a very fun time.

We also talked on our way back about this experience in general and what we learned. Because we were all at a very beginner level of Finnish, we could only teach each other some vocabulary and couldn’t really practice talking with each other in Finnish. But I still learned a lot of new vocabulary and we agreed that it was definitely worth it for learning more about Finnish culture, trying some new things and also making new friends.


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