10th Meeting (Thai & Finnish) - Thai language for survival

Get ready for Thailand!

For our last meeting (but not the last time we will meet, of course!), Oat and I decided to teach some Thai sentences for survival as Cecilia is planning to come to Thailand in the near future.

  • Can you reduce the price (ask for discount) = Lod ra ka dai mai ka?
  • Good Morning = Arun sawas ka
  • I’m lost = Chan lhong tang ka
  • I’m from Finland = Chan ma jak Finland ka
  • I like Thai food = Chob ar harn Thai ka

I’m so excited for Cecilia to come explore Thailand soon and gain as many great experiences as I have in Finland. All the meetings that I have in EOTO class have been such an amazing experience for me. Not only do I get to learn the language and cultures but also get to have a lot more space to discuss, understand each other better, and make good friends. I would of course enroll in this course again if I could!


Written by: Natnaree (Mint) Wangthamkua


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