2nd Meeting - City Centre (20.09.2023)

Walking around Tampere and eating churros

For our second meeting Marina and I met up at Keskustori. We got churros and Hesburger and walked around the city centre.


Marina said that the churros that we got weren’t the same as actual Spanish churros. This did not come as a shock to either of us. Hesburger’s churros taste too strongly of cinnamon and the chocolate sauce that came with them wasn’t quite right. I think they tasted good despite not being the same as Spanish churros. My favourite part of them was the crunchy texture.


We named things that we saw while we walked around the city. I ended up learning words for buildings, shops, and modes of transportation. I don’t think that more traditional language learning methods suit me that well and this method seemed to work a bit better. I don’t think most of the words Marina taught me ended up in my active vocabulary, but I’ll recognise quite a few of them if I come across them. We also briefly talked about differences between dialects.


Marina seemed to struggle with this learning method a bit more. I think I have a slight advantage though. Spanish is a very common language globally and I have been exposed to it before while Marina probably hasn’t heard a lot of Finnish before coming here.


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