3. Meeting: Fruits

This time, we talked about fruits in the supermarket.

When it comes to fruits, there are huge differences between Germany and the Caribbean, surprise, surprise. We decided to go to the big Prisma because it has a wide range of products. But maybe it was not the best idea to go there during rush hour. Anyway, we managed to teach each other a lot about typical fruits and ways to eat them.

They don’t really grow fruits on big farms in St. Maarten, but rather have lots of trees in their gardens. While we in Germany often cut all the fruits, get rid of their seeds and then put them on a plate to snack them, in the Caribbean you just snack them right away from the tree after washing them. You can also buy fruits from other islands at small stands by the roadside. But we couldn’t actually find the exact species that grow on St. Maarten, as most supermarkets here only offer one species of each exotic fruit which works best for mass production.

Also, since I didn’t know the English names for most of the tropical fruits, we had to look them up and I really enjoyed learning this way.


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