4. Meeting: Vegetables

Once again, we met in the supermarket, this time to talk about vegetables.

Although we might have annoyed some of the customers in the supermarket by standing in the way as we talked about typical vegetables from our home countries, there was also one customer who helped us identify some of the root vegetables. They use them more often in St. Maarten than in Germany. It was so interesting to learn about all these different vegetables, some of which I had never heard of or noticed in the supermarkets before. So, I want to try a lot more of them in the future instead of always sticking to the same handful of vegetables.

We also talked a lot about herbs, for example lemongrass (which I am not a big fan of). In St. Maarten they use herbs not only for tea or in their meals, but apparently also for cleaning chicken by washing it in vinegar with mint and citrus. Well, I guess, we all have some traditions that we hold on to.


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