4th Meeting. Chinese-Russian.

Exploring Chinese Traditions!

In my recent meetings with my language partner, Zichen, we’ve explored the fascinating differences between Russian and Chinese cultures. These interactions have not only helped us learn languages but have also uncovered captivating customs and traditions unique to our countries.

I shared insights on the history and reading rules of the Russian language with Zichen. In return, she introduced me to the significance of Chinese solar terms, marking seasonal changes vital for agriculture. I also learned some useful nature-related words and pronunciation, while Zichen shared intriguing details about Chinese culture, including its diverse traditional foods like Hot Pot and Spring Rolls.

One exciting topic was table manners. While in Russia, basic food etiquette rules exist, Zichen explained the deeper importance of table manners in China. For instance, it’s essential not to talk while eating and to be mindful of the seating arrangement at a round table, showing respect for elders and guests.

Our discussions highlighted the value of respecting and understanding each other’s traditions. They taught us that cultural differences are beautiful and something to be celebrated. Zichen and I look forward to further exploring each other’s cultural facets and, of course, trying out traditional Chinese dishes together.

Our meetings are more than just language exchanges; they are windows into the diverse and rich cultures that shape our identities. By learning about each other’s traditions, we’re building connections that bring us closer together.

Meeting 4. 2.11.2023


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