6.12.2023-Meeting 9 - Chinese food

Today is a beautiful snowing day. I cooked Chinese food for Katja. I am so happy she likes them.

Fried dish is one of cooking methods in Chinese food. I cooked fried potatoes, eggs and tomatoes, and tofo with celery. During the cooking, we talked about different vegetables and their flavors as well as each other’s preference on eating. Also, her wonderful  traveling the week before last week and my Chrismas vacation plans. She will go back to Germany to get together with her family then. This reminds me of my family as well.

We spent a warm afternoon, cooking and eating together. I think this time is a futher experience in food culture study. Compared with last time we cooked together, she knows more Chinese cooking habit and flavor. I also experienced how to show and introduce Chinese food in a good way to her. Now I am looing forward tommorrow’s German dissert from her.


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