9th meeting - Grocery Shopping

Néd and I went shopping for groceries together at Lidl for our next Each one teach one cooking session. Néd pointed out that Lidl-stores in Finland are exactly the same as in France (thank you for this shocking piece of information!).

We went through the veggie isle and translated some veggies from finnish to french.

Paprika – Poivron

Kesäkurpitsa – Courgette

Tomaatti – Tomate

Salaatti – Salade

Next we went to the peanut isle and I found out that a nut in french is “cacahouètes”. It’s a very funny word. I saw a cheese covered in walnuts and tried to find a way to say it in french.
I said “fromage de cacahouètes”, Néd laughed and corrected me with the phrase “fromage aux cacahouètes”.

We struggled home together over the ice-covered pavement and I asked in finnish; what type of weather France usually has during this time of the year. He replied in finnish that usually in Paris and Rouen it can be very rainy, while in Marseille, where some of his family lives, it’s more often sunny throughout the year.

I exclaimed “Huhhuh!” while carrying the heavy groceries, to which Néd replied the french version: “Oh la la!”.


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