10th meeting - Cooking together

For the last meeting we decided to cook some meals together as we wanted to try mealprepping. We were going to make a very finnish dish together, which turned out to be makaronilaatikko, and then a kind of vegetable stew, and finally burgers just for that night’s dinner.

We repeated some veggie words together.

Paprika = Poivron
Paprika powder = Paprika
Carrots = Carottes
Potatoes = Pommes de terre “Earth Apples”

We laughed about the fact that paprika on it’s own has a different name than the powder.

The makaronilaatikko turned out a bit runnier than expected, but it was still delicious. Néd commented that it reminded him of some more french dishes, since they seem to cook a lot of stews and sauces. The other meals turned out very well.

During this last meeting, I thought about how much progress we both made. Especially having to communicate with Néd’s family members who aren’t fluent in english really made me work harder to understand and learn. I also told Néd how much he’s improved, since nowadays I can talk to him using everyday-phrases and he will just reply to me naturally. Each one teach one definitely pushed us to practice more and make a habit out of it.




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