Another movie night " A Finnish film"

The movie night with Sonia. On that day, we watched a Finnish film called “The Longest Day of My Life,” directed by Aleksi Mäkelä and released in 2006. This film is a romantic comedy where the main actor is Antti, a man facing a series of problems: he loses his job and his girlfriend in a short period. Afterward, Antti decides to take a radical turn in his life and practice an Ironman triathlon, despite his lack of experience in endurance sports.

The movie shows how Antti suddenly changes his life and faces physical and mental challenges in the competition. During the competition, he meets new people, undergoes personal transformations, and discovers aspects of his life that he hadn’t explored before.

For me, it was a very funny movie due to the ways Antti faces the challenges. It also provides a thoughtful and entertaining perspective on how to deal with adversities, finding an inner strength like courage. Antti steps out of his comfort zone and learns that he has a lot of courage and bravery in how he approaches things, showing great determination. I believe Antti’s determination to overcome many challenges teaches him that he can do many other things, despite his previous state of mental loneliness and the difficulties he faced.


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