Movie night with Sonja

  • We had a movie night featuring the Mexican film “Roma.”
  • “Roma” is a film that currently stirs much controversy in Latin America due to the presence of a woman with indigenous features. The movie has been acclaimed as the best in various awards.
  • Each film focuses on a domestic worker named Cleo, who has indigenous features. Cleo works for an upper-middle-class family and faces personal and professional challenges as the family undergoes changes and tensions. The film provides a detailed perspective of everyday life in Mexico City, where numerous social issues, political context, and especially racial tensions arise.
  • In the movie, a moment is highlighted where, if you are darker-skinned or have a skin color darker than others, are you condemned to lead a miserable life or a life of lesser value? Unfortunately, this is a reality in Latin America, where skin color and physical features are often imposed as indicators of a lower cultural level.
  • The film made us reflect on these issues and learn new terms we were not familiar with. It was a impactful experience, and we also discussed how similar dynamics occur here in Finland. Although Finland has its own cultural and racial aspects, with 99% of the population being white and only 1% from other ethnicities, we have also commented on the racism I have experienced here in Finland.
  • Roma movie:


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