Beers & Brews

This meeting was dedicated to a thing, Germans and Fins seem to enjoy quite a lot: Beer.

Therefore, we went to a bar in the city center. In a small corner we sat down and had a long talk about our cultures.

Germany is quite famous for beer and its breweries. Brewing beer is a long and intense process, which takes a lot of experience and hard effort to master. For Germans, it is important that only three ingredients are allowed in the brewing process to call the result a ‘German Beer’. These ingredients are:

Water = Wasser = vesi
Barely = Gerste = ohra
Hops = Hopfen = humala

There are also several festivals in Germany, that are mostly about beer, as there are so many different breweries. In Finland due to the taxes, beer and alcohol in general is quite expensive. Nevertheless, after a long sauna, a beer while sitting together with your friends is a class way to go. Cheers!


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