Business culture

Business culture

Today, we had a very enjoyable and in-depth discussion about business. In my previous professional experience, we attempted to open the doors to the Russian market, but it seemed that we often encountered obstacles, and communication with clients never seemed to be very smooth. This is where I want to express my gratitude to my partner, Viktoriia. Through her introductions and explanations, I came to understand that even within the same culture, there are significant differences in how people of different ages approach business partnerships and collaborative relationships with business partners. These fundamental etiquettes, or rules, are precisely what one must pay attention to when entering a new market.

At the same time, Russia is a country that places a great emphasis on networking. People are more inclined to trust friends or acquaintances with connections to establish cooperative relationships and even secure better offers.

We also discussed future career plans and unanimously agreed that at this stage, it is crucial to experience a variety of projects and challenges, accumulate experiences, and learn new things rather than allowing our thoughts to stagnate in one place.

Encountering a partner with whom you can have meaningful conversations and mutual learning is indeed very fortunate.



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