EGP - FIN - LEB - Final Meeting

Now this may be the final meeting for EOTO but for sure we will continue to go out together and be friends. We have so much become familiar with each other and gotten used to sharing a lot about our cultures, languages, and experiences.

We met this time at Rama’s place, and we decided to make a habit to continue weekly. We called it Limbo Tuesday. We had pizzas and played games.

We played some games which involved questions that got us to know a lot about each others’ backgrounds and cultures and how our cultures made us who we actually are.

I told a lot about my background in the Egyptian culture and how my childhood was formed and heard the same from others. This also made us know a lot of similarities in the ways we were raised and of course a lot of differences.

We had some challenges with the pizzas but it went alright, we all ate enough and had a lot of fun with that.

I also got to know some people who like to make their own alcoholic drinks at home in Finland, which is more common than I thought. I also tried some of what Rama made, they were pretty tasty indeed.

We will keep doing this in the future and we will keep learning a lot about each other and the cultures and languages. I was happy and glad to know these people.


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