EGP - FIN - LEB - Meeting Four

We had the Halloween Party this time. It was super fun! I hosted the event this time at my place then we went to a party elsewhere.

For this celebration, it was a great mix of learning about how we all celebrate Halloween. So I learned that in Finland it’s more like not really celebrated but younger generations are more into celebrating it as in wear costumes etc. However, the mainly similar celebration is Easter, when people dress up like witches, especially children. Then they go ask for candies…etc.
In Egypt it is not really celebrated, however, younger generations do organize parties where they celebrate it the same way, as in wearing costumes and stuff.

I did not expect that Finland has the same tradition on a whole different occasion where I have not expected it to be so. Like Easter, which was a positive surprise. Then we get to dress up like that twice a year. Pretty fun!

We had challenges matching the food expectations as my food was a little spicy for some people. Which was a learning experience for everyone. The funny thing is that the food was Korean, but the hostess was from Egypt : )


Photo by Kelsie Cabeceiras:


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