Eighth meeting: Wappu

The eighth meeting was on Saturday, April 23. But it could also be said that they were a set of sporadic meetings in the activities and parties organized by the wappu. We met sporadically, which gave us room to talk.

For example, at a party in Ilona organized by the Wappu, I met Juri. He was leaving the party when I entered. This gave rise to a debate about the type of party hours depending on the country. In Spain, for example, the normal thing is to enter the disco at half past twelve at night and leave at five in the morning and in Switzerland, they usually go to the disco at nine at night and usually go as very late at two in the morning. This is something that I did not know and that made me better understand the customs and traditions of Switzerland. He also told me that there was a lot of Spanish music at the party and I told him that this is usually the case at most parties since it is usually very catchy.

With Theresa, I met sporadically at a rock, paper, scissors activity also organized by the Wappu. Our conversation was brief as we did not expect to meet. However, when we said goodbye, it reminded me of how to say goodbye in German and see you

Bye- auf Wiedersehen

See you- seh dich später



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