Fifth meeting: Movie night

Short movies or TV shows (without subtitles) in German and Finnish.

On our fifth meeting, we decided to have a movie night on zoom because one of us got sick. We started with a German TV show called “Germany’s Next Topmodel”, because it is still quite popular in Germany, and I have already heard about it a lot. One of us shared the screen on Zoom and we watched 10 minutes of one of the first episodes where the participants were introduced.

After 10 minutes (during the commercial break), we shared our expressions about the show. There were no subtitles, so it was harder to understand what they were saying and some of the participants also had a dialect. Most of them were using slang too or words that were familiar to me but sounded different.

After the full episode, our German-speaking friends summarized what was happening and we could ask our questions about the new words, phrases, expressions that were uttered in the show. The words that were familiar to me but sounded different came from the dialects (e.g., ick (Berlin dialect) = ich).

In my opinion that was a really effective way to learn the language, although I would prefer to watch movies with subtitles. But I find it useful to sometimes watch them without subtitles because this way I feel I can focus more on listening rather than reading. It was very convenient that our German-speaking friends could help me which dialect was the one I was hearing, and I didn’t need to figure it out myself.

After that, we watched an episode from the famous Moomin cartoon in Finnish. Essi prepared with some useful vocabulary for that. This was also interesting to me, even though Finnish is not my target language.


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