Meeting 10 - Last meeting enjoying the Summer!

Our last Each One teach One meeting took place outdoors in the sun.

We couldn’t believe that it was time for our last meeting together learning German and English. We met at a place in the city centre for lunch and afterwards bought some German beer that Stefan had recommended to us, from Munich. As Stefan is from Munich, the woman selling the beers gave us a discount! We took the beers to a harbour in the town and sat down in the sun which was very enjoyable. We spoke about tattoos as Martin has several and Stefan was thinking about getting one. We all agreed that tattoos were becoming more common among people in our countries.

We spoke again about the end of the erasmus and going home. We also spoke about becoming friends with each other through the Each One Teach One programme, something which we are very grateful for. They have taught me a lot about their cultures and I definitely think my German has improved since beginning this course.


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