Meeting 9 - Watching the sunset and saying goodbye

Drinking German Beer and watching the sunset.

Our 9th meeting was held to say goodbye to some of the friends we had made over the Erasmus, which made it a sad occasion. As well as the three of us, our other friends were also there, many of whom were German, which made practicing our German fun. We spoke about the different friends we made over our journey and how we would feel going back to our own countries. We were all sad but also excited to see people at home we had not seen in a long time. We spoke about what we would do when we got home and jobs that we had waiting for us. For instance, I was to start an internship just a few days after I had arrived home. We agreed it would be strange to return home and to leave Finland behind, and I told them that I would miss my German lessons but planned on continuing when I got home. We watched the sunset late into the evening and then walked home.


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