Meeting 4: Veggies

To clean the chicken or not to clean the chicken?

Well guys, we did it again: our meeting was also at the supermarket. I mean how else are we suppose to get the hands-on experience? During this meeting we talked about vegetables in St. Maarten and Germany. For those of you who sometimes get confused like me, just because you eat avocados on everything (that’s if you even like them) does not mean it’s a vegetable. It is a fruit. If there is a seed, it is a fruit. Haha, but on to the main topics of this meeting…

We talked about the main vegetables we are accustomed to and learned that the ground vegetables are mostly the same. In Germany they like a lot of potatoes and in St. Maarten we use a wider variety of root vegetables, for example, cassava (pictured below) sometimes in place of potatoes.  I told of the some of the commonly used vegetables in Sint Maarten like Christophine and plantains (pictured below). 

The discussion of this meeting also revealed that herbs, while not a vegetable is also a critical aspect of food culture. Hanna and Fabian explained that they use mint (in German: Minze) and other herbs as teas. I told them about the uses of some herbs in the Caribbean, mostly for tea also but also to clean meat. This is an ongoing debate, but in many Caribbean countries meat is only “clean” after it has been washed with vinegar, lemon and mint leaves. From Fabian’s reaction I knew that this was something that surprised him. LOL.


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