Meeting number 7 - Having a walk

We had a walk and talked about architecture & other stuff e. g. our childhood.

We had a walk (“dar un paseo”) in Hervanta. First we talked about the architecture. We are call surprised how bright, clean and modern the churches (“iglesias, catedrales.”) look like in Finland. In comparison to that Spanish churches are colorful with lots of decorations, whereas German churches are more boring and dark. As we walked through a living area, Chaira who is studying architecture, told us some interesting facts about finish architecture and their restrictions. E. g. balconies (“balcón”) need the glass around that the snow can’t lay down there because it would be too heavy at one point. I think it is a good legislation that balconies are mandatory if the flat reached a certain size. What was new to me as well was the fact/rumor that Nordic people take their baby carrier (“carrito de bebé”) to the balcony with the babys that they get used to the cold.

Moreover we talked about our childhood & random stuff. E. g. Marlen did track and field (“atletismo”), animals (squirrel = “ardilla”, duck “pato”, prison (“prision” o “cárcel”) system in Finland and our countries.


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