Meeting five: Religion

Sharing Faiths: Gopi and Denis (16.11.2023)

We recently talked about our religious backgrounds, shedding light on the rich tapestry of our cultures over a plate of warm food served by the university.

At the lunch table, I told Denis that in India, Hinduism is predominant, and that’s where I belong too. I shared insights with Denis about Hinduism, emphasizing its strong influence on Indian culture.

Germany, on the other hand, Denis explained to me that Christianity is the main religion, my German friend, identifies as atheist. It’s interesting to note the shift in people’s religious affiliations.

I explained to Denis about the significance of the Indian “Om” and its deeper meaning. We also delved into how Hindu core beliefs are often conveyed through myths and stories, like the Mahabharata, imparting moral and life lessons. It’s a unique way of weaving spirituality into the fabric of daily life.


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