Meeting Six: Racism

Navigating Racism: My Experiences in Europe and India (23.11.2023)

Denis and I reflected on my encounters with racism in both European and Indian cultures.

In Europe, there’s a misconception that racism doesn’t exist, but the reality is different. I’ve faced subtle forms of it, and it’s essential to acknowledge that it still affects us. I told Denis some of my experiences that I excountered in Austria and the challenges I faced. Recognizing and addressing these issues is crucial for fostering understanding and change.

On the other hand, I told Denis, that racism in India can be more overt. Being perceived as different can lead to a host of challenges. Unfortunately, there’s a tendency to place white people at a higher position, creating a complex dynamic that adds another layer to the issue. Sharing our experiences and understanding the impact of stereotypes is a step toward building a more tolerant and respectful world.


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