Ninth meeting: online

The penultimate meeting was on Friday April 29 and online since Juri already had to go to Switzerland. That is why, since we only stayed two meetings, we decided to talk about the Erasmus experience in them. Each one of us opened up and explained what changes he noticed compared to who we were at the beginning of Erasmus.

We all came to the conclusion that we noticed a big change at the level of maturity, because the experience of living alone, learning to cook for yourself, speaking a language that is not your mother tongue, meeting new people, etc. It helps you mature very quickly without a doubt.

Juri also explained to us how she was spending her first days when she returned to her country of origin, since both Theresa and I are a little afraid of having a bad time when we return, since we are going to miss our life here a lot.

That day we also learned some words related to the ERASMUS experience:

  • To mature: erwachsen werden
  • Union: union
  • Exchange student: austauschstudent
  • Learning: lernen
  • Friends: Freunde


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