Ninth meeting: Beauty night

Face masks, nail polish, chatting, and tea.

Our ninth meeting was a chatty, lazy meeting. We prepared with face masks, nail polishes, and some tea.

First, we put on our face masks and then painted our nails. We also had a German quiz while we were waiting for the nail polish to dry. I definitely got to know more about Germany. Some new words that I learned:

  • der Nagellack = nail polish
  • der Nagel = nails
  • Morgenroutine = morningrutine

Example sentences:

  • Ich lackieren meine Nagel = I paint my nails
  • Könntest du mir bitte den Nagellack geben/reichen? = Can you give/pass me the nail polish please?

We had a great time! We took some funny, non-shareable face mask photos and we learned more and more about each other’s culture.


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