Ninth meeting Spanish-Hungarian-German

For our ninth meeting we met on 02.05 via online to talk about more basic vocabulary as the last meeting.

The learning goal in this meeting was to learn words about family members and public transport. The German vocabulary that I learnt was:

Parents – Eltern,
Father – Vater,
Mother – Mutter,
Son – Sohn, Daughter – Tochter,
Brother – Bruder, Sister – Schwester,
Siblings – Geschwister,
Twins – Zwillinge,
Grandparents – Großeltern, Grandfather – Großvater,
Grandpa – Opa,
Grandmother – Großmutter,
Grandma – Oma,
Uncle – Onkel, Aunt – Tante,
Godfather – Pate (Hessian dialect: Petter),
Godmother – Patin (Hessian dialect: Döt),
Nephew – Neffe, Niece – Nichte,
Cousin – Cousin (m), Cousine (f)

Bus – Bus, Bus stop – Bushaltestelle, Tram – Straßenbahn,
Train – Zug, Train station – Bahnhof,
Right – rechts, turn right – rechts abbiegen, left – links, turn left – links abbiegen, straight ahead – geradeaus

I was very surprised about this vocabulary because it was so similar to Spanish, my German mate agreed with me that it was one of the easiest clasess. This gives me strength to keep studying German.


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